Using Python to Generate Shadowsocks URI and QR code

Infomation about Shadowsocks URI and QR code

Shadowsocks for Android / iOS accepts BASE64 encoded URI format configs:

Where the plain URI should be:

For example, we have a server at using bf-cfb encryption method and password test. Then, with the plain URI ss://bf-cfb:test@, we can generate the BASE64 encoded URI:

To help organize and identify these URIs, you can append a tag after the BASE64 encoded string:

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KCP 协议:
Kcptun 项目:
下载 Kcptun,可以到 GitHub 上获取最新版
用 Xshell 或者 Putty 登陆服务器,下载 Kcptun 的预编译版:

32位系统下载 kcptun-linux-386-*.tar.gz ,64位系统下载 kcptun-linux-amd64-*.tar.gz
解压之后有两个文件: client_linux_amd64 server_linux_amd64 ,一个用于客户端,一个用于服务端

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单用户配置文件 Sample
配置文件路径:vim /etc/shadowsocks.json

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